What are the options for creating and controlling tension in a zone?

Zone-by-zone, we must select what to control, speed or torque, and whether to run in open-loop or closed-loop mode. Lastly, if we close the tension control loop, which feedback device will be used, a dancer roller or a tension transducer roller.

For each zone, there are two or three decisions:

  1. How will tension be created/modified?
    Option 1A – By force (either directly or through torque)
    Option 1B – By speed ratio (a.k.a., draw control)
  2. Will the zone have closed-loop control?
    Option 2A – Open-loop control with no tension feedback
    Option 2B – Closed-loop control with tension feedback
  3. If Option 2B (closed-loop control) – Which feedback will be used?
    Option 3A – Load cell roller feedback
    Option 3B – Dancer roller feedback
tensioning options tree