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AbbottApps are a set of web handling related calculators and problem-solvers created by Prof Steven Abbott ( with technical advice and review by web handling gurus Dr David Roisum, Dr Dilwyn Jones, Tim Walker, and Clarence Klassen.

The “AbbottApps” name emerged over a few beers at a coating/web handling conference in Prague and was a good idea at the time. The name tried to spread to my other apps, but was never convincing. So now AbbottApps remains with the web handling elements, co-created with Dr David Roisum and others, and the Practical Science designation is used for my own creations.

AbbottApps are Open Sources and marked with the Creative Commons BY logo. His company name, Steven Abbott TCNF Ltd., indicates his amazing range of skills: Technical software, Coating/Printing, Nano-expertise and Formulation.

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All AbbottApps switch between metric and ‘American’ units with a click.

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Each AbbottApp includes a thorough user’s manual and help pages.

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