Why Improve Your Web Handling?

Stop wasting your web and your time:

  • Eliminate wrinkles, stop scratches, reduce roll defects.

Gain a competitive advantage:

  • Handle challenging materials: thinner, wider, faster, more fragile…

  • Improve your profits by eliminating waste.

  • Improve efficiency through integration and smarter operations.

Experience matters:

  • TJWalker and Associates, established in 1999.

  • >35 years experience in films, paper, foils, and more.

  • 250 clients/companies since 1999.

  • >6000 students, teaching WH since 1989.

Our Services

On-site or Remote Customized Training

Invest in your technical employees by having an on-site seminar covering the engineering principles of web handling processes and products. This gives your staff the know-how they need to solve web handling problems at the source. (More details on web handling training.)

Process Development and Production Challenges

Learn how to handle challenging materials and integrate process steps. Apply proven process designs and avoid common pitfalls that create waste in laminating, wrinkling and winding.

New Processes and Equipment

Add an expert to your team to help define new processes, write equipment specifications, identify potential suppliers, or coordinate the supplier selection process. After new equipment is installed, expert support can help with process checkout, calibration, and optimization.

Train Your Experts/Trainers

Many companies leverage knowledge and develop their technical staff through ‘train the trainer’ programs. We can help you develop your internal resources for training and expert-level problem-solving. Make a succession plan to continue your web handling competitive advantage into the future.

Consulting Example Quote

Description Rate Quantity Total
Web Handling Consulting $3800/day 2.5 days $9500
Travel Expenses $2000 1 $2000
Total $11500

Payment terms -2% 15 days, net 60 days.
Payable by check or credit card.
3% fee on credit card charges over $2000.
Travel time rate $95/hr, $69 meal per diem.

Training Example Quote

Description Rate Quantity Total
Web Handling Training $4600/day 2 days $9200
Process Audit $475/hour 4 hours $1900
Travel Expenses $2000 1 $2000
Total $13100