Consultants Specializing in Web Handling and Related Technologies

David Roisum

David Roisum is the lead author of The Web Handling Handbook. David has in-depth knowledge and experience in paper and tissue web handling and winding from former positions with Beloit’s winder division and Kimberly-Clark. David has a PhD from Oklahoma State University, home of  former The Web Handling Research Center. David is a prolific writer, authoring over ten books and hundreds of column on web handling. He also has a YouTube channel with hundreds of short videos on web handling.

Dilwyn Jones

Dilwyn is a co-author of The Web Handling Handbook. Dilwyn worked many years in polyester film web handling and winding for ICI, which was later DuPont-Teijin films. He has an advanced understanding of material properties and of wrinkling and winding models, including the visco-elastic models in the TopWeb2 software.

Neal Michal

Neal Michal is a web handling process and equipment design expert. Neal has extensive experience in low modulus films and nonwoven web handling, winding, and converting from his many years with Kimberly-Clark’s Personal Care Division.

Clarence Klassen

Clarence Klassen specializes in the application commissioning, tuning, and modification of drive systems to properly handle your web with minimum defects. Clarence authored the Drives chapter of The Web Handling Handbook. Clarence has 20 years of experience as an independent engineering consultant. Previously, Clarence worked in drives and controls for Opcode Systems Inc and GE Canada. He regularly contributes to Converting Quarterly and presents at AIMCAL Roll-to-Roll conferences.

Mark Miller
Coating Tech Slot Dies

Mark Miller is an engineering consultant specializing in design, modeling, and problem-solving slot die coating systems. Mark and co-owner Tim Marion, through their company Coating Tech Slot Dies (CTSD) LLC, supply precision coating equipment to the finest coating companies around the globe. They also operate Coating Tech Institute, the user conference designed for engineers and operators to learn slot die coating technology for immediate implementation at their site. Mark, through CTSD, provides consultation for improved coating efficiencies and increased coating capability for start-up companies and established businesses. Mark is a contributing editor to PFFC, has presented papers at AIMCAL, PSTC, CONVERTECH, AWA, and other conferences.

Ronald Lynch

Ron Lynch Ron is a web handling expert with 36 years’ experience working with web products and web handling. Ron is known for his expertise, knowledge, and unique ability to create workable and affordable training solutions for his clients. He partners with customers to learn more about current processes and what they are looking to achieve so that he can design the best solution to meet training needs. He worked for Procter and Gamble for 39 years, responsible for training, internal consulting, had representing P&G at the OSU Web Handling Research Center.

Kelly Robinson