NEW! – The Web Handling Handbook

JUST RELEASED – Five years in the making – From 3 recognized web handling leaders.

Available from DesTech Publishing – The Web Handling Handbook

The Web Handling Handbook is a comprehensive guide to all technical aspects of handling or processing thin flexible materials written for anyone working with webs and web processes. Available in print, e-book, and individual e-chapters from DesTech Publishing.

(Note: All co-authors receive small royalties from book sales.)


  • 1 Overview

  • 2 Materials

  • 3 Rollers

  • 4 Traction

  • 5 Tension

  • 6 Drives

  • 7 Nipped Rollers

  • 8 Guides and CD Path Control

  • 9 Wrinkles and Flatness

  • 10 Spreaders

  • 11 Winders

  • 12 More Web Handling and Processing

More Recommended Books

Mechanics of Rollers
David R. Roisum

roisum mech rollers book

The Mechanics of Rollers combines the science of web handling with the application of rollers. This unique book covers design, application, and maintenance for rollers of all sizes, shapes, and webs.

The Mechanics of Rollers is the first book in Dave Roisum’s Mechanics Trilogy.

Mechanics of Rollers
David R. Roisum

roisum mech wh book

This unique book covers many aspects of web handling for manufacturing, converting, and printing. The book is applicable to any web including paper, film, foil, nonwovens, and textiles. The Mechanics of Web Handling is designed for product, process, and maintenance engineers responsible for web machinery.

The Mechanics of Web Handling is the third book in Dave Roisum’s Mechanics Trilogy.

Winding: Machines, Mechanics, and Measurements
Keith Good and David Roisum

winding good roisum book angled

Winding: Machines, Mechanics and Measurements is the definitive book on the science of winding written by noted experts Dr. David Roisum and Dr. JK Good. This three-part book (with supplemental CD) describes the various classes and arrangements of winding machinery commonly found in the web industries including discussion of controls and defects; describes how roll stresses and roll defects can be predicted by mathematical models and what factors are important; and discusses almost every method for measuring and evaluating wound roll quality.

The Ultimate Roll and Web Defect Troubleshooting Guide
Duane Smith (Project Champion), many authors (including Walker and Roisum)

ultimate roll web defect book

The Ultimate Roll and Web Defect Troubleshooting Guide is an industry resource written by 22 industry experts 16 contributing editors. There are chapters devoted to roll defects including general defects, web profile defects, edge defects, and wrinkling defects web defects. Defects included cover a broad spectrum of ‘bad’ rolls or webs, including defects of calendering, coating, extrusion, lamination, web handling, and slitting.

The Plastic Film and Foil Web Handling Guide
William E. Hawkins

hawkins film foil book

The Plastic Film and Foil Web Handling Guide is a handbook for diagnosing and correcting problems with web handling technology. Covering web handling fundamentals, process-related technologies, troubleshooting, and solutions, it includes sufficient technical information to identify and correct defects in rolls (of film or foil). Topics included: roller alignment, tensioning of webs, web spreading and guiding devices, razor and shear  slitting, edge trim removal and disposal, management of electrostatic charges on webs, and waste storage equipment.