Web Handling Training Customized to Your Needs

You Choose: Why, How, What, When, & Where.

Why arrange private, customized training?

  • Tailor material to your people, products, and processes.

  • Integrate examples from your operations.

  • Openly discuss proprietary information.

  • Promote teamwork and networking of attendees across your organization.

  • Lay the foundation for future or more advanced web handling development.

  • Start a program to develop your own internal web handling experts.

How?: Do you prefer live, in-person training, remote training, or some combination?

What?: Select a course off the menu of topics. Spend more time on what is important to you. Trim or skip what isn’t.

Where?: At your site, an off-site location, multiple sites?

When?: Live classes are best over consecutive days. Remote learning can spread over days or weeks and time zones.

Most private seminars follow the same track as the 3-day public seminars, but in tailoring the seminar to meet your needs the same course content can be covered less time, allowing time for process audits and deeper discussion of how to apply best practices to your operation.

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Example Quote for On-Site Training

Description Rate Quantity Total
Web Handling Training $3800/day 2 days $7600
Process Audit $375/hour 4 hours $1500
Travel Expenses $1500 1 $1500
Total $10600

Example Quote for Remote Training

Description Rate Quantity Total
Web Handling Training $475/hour 16 hours $7600
Travel Expenses 0 $0
Total $7600